Corn Salsa | Slightly Indianised :)

The other day a friend of mine invited to her birthday party which also happened to be a potluck gathering. Since she's an American and doesn't eat spicy food, I was racking my brain for an idea. Then I realised I had corn and green onions at home so thought of making a corn chat. Just while I was making it did it take a different turn when I added chat masala and red chilli powder (which was negligibly low) to give it a tangy and Indian touch. Incidentally she had got salsa and tortilla chips for the party and this one turned out to be a perfect  combo for the event :) Everyone enjoyed it and even asked for the recipe :) So here I'm posting it.

Frozen corn
2 cups
Spring onions/ scallions, chopped
1 bunch
Tomato, diced
Cilantro/ coriander leaves
3 tbsp
1 portion
Chat Masala
1 tsp
Red chilli powder
¼ tsp
Pepper powder
½ tsp


1. Thaw the frozen corn in a microwaveable bowl for about 1 minute. Add Spring onions, tomato, chat masala, red chilli powder, pepper powder, cilantro and gather them well.

2. Sprinkle lime juice on it and mix well. Enjoy with tortilla chips, salsa and sour cream or just enjoy as a plain chat.

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