Mangoes! whoever on earth isn't smitten by them?!  Come to think about it, everyone's talking of nothing but mangoes after the GAYLE STORM! ;) lol and it only rumbled my craving tummy all the more. It's so hard to resist the temptation of the juicy madness it infuses on the taste buds!  call it a blessing or a day filled with wonders! Getting mangoes in the United States ( that too good ones.. sweet ones! ) is a wonder by itself! I got a Haden Mango that smelt divine. Of course the honey mangoes tasted the best! Blessed to be in Florida! ( Mexico exports mangoes ) :) 

Ok Coming back to today's recipe, Seekarne is a definition for something that roughly means a smoothie ;) :P (Ironical huh? ) lol, but this one is smashed with hands and it's half a smoothie and half not ;) It goes extremely well with chapathi and can also be had just like that! This is very common in Karnataka household during the mango season and is popular for it's chapathi-seekarne combo :) It goes well it akki rotti too is what I've heard.. but Chapathi tastes the best. :) It's a very simple recipe.. doesn't even strain your nerves a bit.. and is done in minutes. No grinding required if you prefer to use your hands to smash the mangoes.

Mangoes tend to cause heat to the body so milk is added to neutralize the heat in them. Expectant mothers are advised to consult the doctors before eating this. 

Here we go :)


Mangoes, ripe 3
Milk 1 cup
Sugar 2 tbsp
Ghee 1 tsp
Cashew and raisins 1 tbsp
Eilichi powder A pinch


1. Wash and Peel the mangoes. Cut and mash them to a paste using your hands ( clean :-P )  or a masher, in such a way that you should still have a few cubes of mangoes that are half smashed. 

2. Add milk, sugar, raisins and eilichi powder.

3. Temper the cashew in ghee and add it to the mango mixture. ENjoy with chapathi or as a morning fruit bowl. 


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