I've been procrastinating this recipe for close to a month now! don't chase me down for it ;)

It was a friend's birthday and after much speculation about a gifting idea I froze on this. Imagine simply wasting a fortune on customized gifts and then being dissatisfied with it! You might as well let your creative juices flow in all directions ;) :-P  So I decided to give it a try OREO TRUFFLES! They are simple divine and melt away to glory in the mouth. 
 I hate eating junk especially cookies and biscuits. Except for oatmeal and raisin cookie :) but there was a box of Oreo lying at home. I finally decided to make them yesterday and post it today :)

While handling these truffles some of them turned out to be a little messy so you might notice in the pictures that some of them are out of shape :) it's ok! as long as the taste is divine :) 

 This is a no-bake and egg free truffle, which requires minimal efforts and you definitely cant stop indulging in this sinful delight once you start it. And its done with  5 basic ingredients. Yes wonly 5 ingredients I say :)

So here we go..


Oreo biscuits 1 pack (30)
Cream cheese 8 ounces
Chocolate chips 1 cup
White chocolate chips 1/2 cup
Butterscotch chips(optional) ½ cup

1. Powder about 20- 25 oreos in a food processor. Bring cream cheese to room temperature. (takes about 30 -45 minutes)

2. Add 8 ounces/ 200 grams of cream cheese to it and mix well with your hands. ( you will get a consistency of a ragi ball)

3. Make lemon sized balls of each and place them on a tray lined with parchment paper and put them in the freezer for about 10-15 minutes. ( When out of the freezer it should be hard enough to prick the oreo balls with a fork or a skewer slightly)

4. Meanwhile, on a double boiler on medium flame, take a cup of chocolate chips and melt them.

5. Prick  and pick each oreo ball with a skewer/fork (using a fork is better) and dip it in the chocolate sauce over the double boiler and carefully place them back on another tray lined with parchment paper and freeze this as well for about 10 minutes.

6. On a double boiler again follow the same procedure for white chocolate chips and melt them. Pour them into a zip lock cover or a pastry sheet cone and draw 'S' or 'Z' or your favourite patterns on the truffles.

Enjoy your truffles or put them in a gift box and surprise your loved one with this amazing gift :)


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