I know I've been away for long and my absence made you wonder if I'd continue blogging or not. Phew!! I sometimes regret coming back to India.. It's so hectic, with all the festivals and people I feel smothered and fogged. Barely have time for myself. Plus a lot of shuttling between Bangalore and Mysore is adding to the woes. I wish and hope to settle down soon. My sincere apologies for not posting anything this long.

Everytime I visit my Alma Mater the first I do coming out of it is to visit a Lassi Shop which specializes in not  just different kinds of Lassi but also other cool drinks, ice creams and refreshments. Falooda was something that was totally alien to me and was introduced for the first time ever at this place. I was so overwhelmed by the taste that it was habitual to buy Falooda all the time. The taste was so impeccable and inimitable that it became the most sought after Falooda joint in that vicinity more than the Lassi  they sold. So as usual in a country where pizzas and pastas are available in abundance, banking on my culinary skills was the only option I had to satiate my cravings. Finally after prolonged procrastination came a day when I decided to try the all flavorful , all-thirst-quenching and the all- colourful Falooda. It was so easy that I was surprised by the ease with which I could do and savor it :)

Tukmaria/ Basil seeds
3 tbsp
Falooda sev/ roasted semiya
½ cup
Roohafza sherbat mix
4 tbsp
3 cups
1 ½ cups
Mixed fruits
1 cup
Dry fruits
¼ cup
Jelly, optional
1 cup
Vanilla ice Cream
4 scoops

1. Soak the tukmaria/ basil seeds in water for 20-30 minutes ( it becomes soggy and a little slimy).

2. In a saucepan heat milk and add the falooda sev / semiya and sugar, boil them until it's done. Add 2 tbsp of roohafza to this mixture and keep it aside to let it cool.

3. In a large glass jar add one portion of the mixed fruits ( apple, banana, mango, chikoo or whatever you wish to add) now add the milk and semiya mixture until the glass is 3/4 full. Now add the remaining tbsp of roohafza. 
4. Now add 2 scoops of ice cream and jelly and garnish it it with dry fruits.  Serve chilled.


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